Goodbye Housewives

Surprisingly, a Tea Party stealth show that regularly shows up on the Top Three shows watched by Republicans eventually stopped being covered by TWoP. Any recapper that has covered it will tell you that nobody can actually recap the show that long, because its two settings are idiotic and bigoted. I had fun. The recaps were more fun to write than the show was to watch, which is usually a recipe for success. Any case, I’m glad my last words were these, from there to the end.

Having said that, I’m really proud of the writing I did for this hateful, bigoted, racist, homophobic retrograde piece of shit show, and you should read them.


5 thoughts on “Goodbye Housewives

  1. I really miss your Weeds recaps, and would have loved to read your take on the new season. Did the site decide to stop covering the show, or where you sick of recapping it?


  2. Those decisions are made by the Editorial staff based on about a trillion different factors. But I can't say I was disappointed — those Showtime shows were always really, really difficult for me to write about.

    With Weeds, it was an assignment I took because I wanted to fall in love with the show again — I held onto the job just long enough that I did. This season, I am loving.


  3. Your recaps have gotten me through hours of drudgery at work. My husband and I read them and then discuss them over lunch. Your Idol recaps were genius and I am so sorry that you are not recapping next season. True Blood is amazing and your insight into the personal dynamics in New Jersey is spot on. Never change.


  4. You know, I'd thought that about the DH recaps – the show is drivel I haven't watched in years, but I bet Jacob recapped the hell out of that shit. Alas, I couldn't bring myself to spend time on even a Jacob recap of such a tiresome show. That you've dumped those horrid cartoon bitches and taken up with The Good Wife gives me a little lady-boner of happiness. P.S. I, too, wish you still did Weeds. At least that's a horrid cartoon bitch that's still somewhat watchable. I also wish you did Breaking Bad. And Community. And all the shows.


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