"I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think

Dinner with Will and then a surprise show, Belaire at Emo’s. What a great band! Y and F met us there but then left before the show. Who the hell does that? The usual Will people were there, but with some exciting additions: Charles and his wife, and Beverly. Very nice. There was also a clove-smoking sort of individual who was very excited in a twee way that I was paying attention to him. I wish we’d had a conversation. That awful boy from CDH’s garden was there and I waved at him for no reason at all; Wachs was there and will finally remember me, after this latest thing. He was dressed like the best. There were scary persons in the backyard at the other show, which was mostly that kind of singing that sounds like vomiting, with intermittent punk shouts. Stan was there with us and I bought him a beer but otherwise had no time for any of it. Afterward, back to my house for some intense grilling about my personal life and then exhaustion.

A terrible katzenjammer. I thought I might die. I watched science fiction and drifted in and out of consciousness. I didn’t even bother turning on my phone or locating the still-elusive charger. I’ve just remembered it was AB’s birthday. How terrible. Well, I would have been no fun anyhow.

More of the same, but with boys.

I think I will stay very quiet and very still, although I’m open to suggestions.


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