In Which A Cage Match Is Arranged

Originally uploaded by Jacob Clifton

Just got my cybergalley PDF of the next Firefly book from SmartPop — Serenity Found, ed. Jane Espenson, also including a piece by my buddy Maggie Burns — and to my pleasure, I find I’m the last article. The last one! That’s so awesome!

The first — the one with which I am now linked forever, bookending into eternity — is by ORSON SCOTT CARD! I have written a letter and posted it to my publisher, suggesting a bareknuckle fight to the death. So far that yeller Mormon hasn’t responded. I suppose that’s a response in itself. I shall clothe my knuckles once again, and rest manfully on the steel laurels of virility, proved.


One thought on “In Which A Cage Match Is Arranged

  1. And it was great. Someone out there must have known that we’d just save yours for last anyway. I got the old postmodernism class chills and couldn’t decide whether I should quit my job as a truth-seeking propagandist or work it harder. After reading David Foster Wallace’s introduction to the Best American Essays 2007 the other day, I handcuff you two together as great fugitive finger-pointers of today at today.I look forward to reading your book(s).


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