"Could You Please Have My Opinions, Instead of Your Own?"


9 thoughts on “"Could You Please Have My Opinions, Instead of Your Own?"

  1. Jacob, the only thing I blame you for is making me watch this horrible show. I love your recaps that much. You are brilliant.


  2. I happen to agree with Jacob on his recaplet. There were a few things that bothered me regarding this episode. First of all, why was the pink mens trunks zeroed in on? Were they horrendous? Absolutely. But they were approved by the team, and the PM. Carey was never given the opportunity to point that out. And Nicole, as PM, was never asked how she allowed those shorts to be used. Also, there were two other mens swim suits. Yet the fault was laid exclusively on the ‘gay’ suit.

    Did Trump really have to handle that suit with his pen? And if anyone says it’s because Carey had just worn them…I don’t buy it. You know the producers had those shorts cleaned. It seemed to me Trump didn’t want to touch ‘gay’ shorts. That was just wrong IMHO.

    Lastly, why did Trump feel the need to ask Carey if he was gay? Does he ever ask anyone if they’re straight? Of course not. But then, being straight is the norm, and is totally acceptable in Trump’s world. Why else have the reward for this task be a trip to the Playboy Mansion?

    This episode, on the whole, was horrible. And I say this as a straight male: I was offended. I weep for what this how has become. Jacob, I applaud you for your recaplet. As always, it was right on the money.


  3. Wow. What a staggeringly offensive letter. Even if one doesn’t take Trump’s bit with the tongs as being homophobic- which I did, because Trump clearly thinks it’s hilarious and the punchline is, “Whoa, I almost touched another dude’s swimwear!”- there was clearly enough homophobic (and misogynous) subtext throughout the episode that NOT to address it would be to write an incomplete recap. Irrespective of the recapper’s sexuality, the fact that Trump took the winning team to the PLAYBOY MANSION as a “reward” is dunderheadedly macho enough that Donald himself is clearly the one bringing notions of what he considers “proper” sexuality into the discussion. And once it’s on the table that blatantly, he deserves to be ripped apart by anyone watching. (And I’m saying this as a white, straight male, so apparently “the national audience,” as M.K. euphemizes, isn’t as unanimous as he seems to hope.) Great response, Jacob. I eagerly await your recap.


  4. I stopped watching last year when Trump fired Roxanne and Allie in a fit of misogyny the likes of which I have not often seen. Reading the recaplet, I had a hunch that this was that episode for you. I do feel sorry that you have to keep watching his disgusting ass, but you should know that I enjoy every single recap.


  5. I didn’t see the episode (apparently don’t love Jacob as much as anonymous). However, I find the whole I disagree with you and therefore the fault is not only with you, but must be caused by your status fascinating. In a terribly sad way, of course.


  6. I feel ashamed that I’ve continued to watch the show in the face of its continuing misogyny and homophobia — I thought in the first episode that we were going to see a bit more diversity in the contestants, so I was lulled into complacence. Then the Playboy mansion. Then the tongs. I can’t laugh it off anymore. Jacob, you’re fantastic; I watch some shows just to enjoy your recaps more, and your response was dead on. Keep calling bullshit on the scumbags forever, please.


  7. Youre recaps are the only reason I watch The Apprentice anymore. I can’t wait to see what you have to say about this latest episode. BTW, your response to that letter was perfect.


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