Process Stories, I

Stacey: “So why are you so angry? What was the spark? Why’s it coming out now?”

What got me angry was thinking about Lynndie England. The idea that this whole situation developed in which an entire structure ofauthority, from the soldiers up to their CO’s up to the directors here, up to the President, was culpable. How the Army is obviously rotten from the inside and made up of the worst America has to offer, because it’s an efficient machine for killing the poor and ignorant like all wars are. Not even the people who sign up have any illusions about it being anything but their last resort. And the entire system is implicated in that, and in the incident itself — which included her CO — and she’s the only one that pays the price.

They took this white trash near-retard who never did anything wrong but dehumanize some people she’s been taught to dehumanize, in the ways she’s always been dehumanized, through sex and objectification, and she’s the only one who paid.

And everyone in the world hates her with everything they’ve got, when she’s anything but responsible for what they did. It’s Kerry all over again: She’s the gay marriage sideshow for the atrocity of America’s presence on foreign soil. And she did the fucking job, it was a brilliant move on their part, because we’ve all forgotten. We hated her and felt better about ourselves, to the point where we roll our eyes whenever Abu Ghraib comes up, like it’s a fucking broken record issue, and meanwhile that shit is still going on.

Why that leads to a concentration camp on Mars for gay people I cannot say, but you asked about the anger, not breaking the no-SF rule.

I wish it were science fiction. I’d settle for the Margaret Atwood kind, but it’s really just closer to the reality we’re dealing with. Location as lifestyle.


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