Untitled Fiction Project for August (More Angry Teenagers)

Untitled, Chapter One: How I Learned To Hate
(The Diary Of Paris Murrow)

I think that Katharine respects that but I still don’t have a handle on her belief system because she always comes up with these rules and ideals that are like impossible to actually live up to. I think if she was born two hundred years ago she would have invented the Suffragettes.

I think the fact that women have it better right now in this country than in the history of forever is like her true sorrow. She wants to liberate the women of foreign lands. She wants to turn women into something new and plastic. She wants to have a revolution about something.

Untitled, Chapter Two: How I Learned To Love Lose
(Debate Outline By Millie Lemper — First Draft)

If we operate from the idea that a nation is dependent on its citizenry for its existence because of Rousseau (?) then it’s like if you stopped shopping at Express and all the size six girls stopped shopping at Express, and then they would go out of business, or maybe the size six girls would overthrow Express and have guillotines.

The only way you would have to get all the size sixes to agree that it was okay to fuck up their clothes because it looked better or because they were too fat or needed to concentrate on abs instead of lower body this season because of the one-two punch of capris and midriffs, which is bullshit and nobody would agree to that, because of personal style.

Conclusion: In the case of the Bill of Rights you would have to say that maybe they didn’t want rights anymore, which is also bullshit because of personal style.


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