Liveblogging the ckOne Tenth Anniversary Event:


It is made of 100% lies.


One thought on “

  1. First off, I’m with Anna… one shouldn’t mention Tucker Carlson around a baby.Second, it’s awesome you got through an entire spiel on CK without mentioning Marky Mark once. I would be unable to resist.And third… I still wear CK One occasionally. Wayyyy back when I bought a huge ass bottle (when it was first launched you could only get it at dept. stores, not like now where it’s all over Walmart) because my Meier & Frank’s was completely out of the reasonable sized bottles. So I guess I now have vintage “fresh and new” ck one. I don’t want to be a Scientologist at all, but I would be interested in controlling time and space. I mean, how handy would that be? I wonder if that’s the sort of thing you could just order ala carte off the OT Level IV menu? Because I don’t want the side dishes of crazy and jumpy.


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