Maui Story – Wheels Down

The flight attendant on the plane said the following:

When … uh… during your stay in Hawaii, on Maui, what we call “the Whistling Isle,” because of the wind coming down from the mountains, you’re going to pick up some of the language and local customs.

Aloha is a big word that you’re going to be hearing a lot, but another is mahalo, it means “Thank you.”

And let me be the first to say “Mahalo, from American Airlines.”

And that was awesome, and I laughed for about 20 minutes just on that one alone, but I was pretty punchy from being on the plane.

The coolest thing about Maui so far is all the weather. It’s like being on the smallest continent ever! It rains about every hour, for about 5 seconds, but sometimes there are no clouds in the sky — like, right now it’s completely clear but kind of raining a little bit. It’s soothing and nice.

I’m standing on the boardwalk watching the parasailers. I can’t wait to do that, but for right now my sunburn is so bad I don’t want to strap myself into anything.

That’s probably a first.


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