Why Daddy Rules.

I’m feeling rather filial.

This is the entire email I just received in re: our trip to Maui next week.

I will buy you a Mai Tai; also; a pig in the ground. We are going to a Luau, Baby!

Do you remember the Pee Wee Herman episode (my favorite) where he wins a two person trip to Hawaii and all his friends are trying to get him take them, and they show (maybe the King of Cartoons does, I am not sure) a 1950’s travel movie of a luau? And after they show the luau, Captain Carl (Phil Hartman) says something like, “Nothing better than a great big platter of Poo Poo!” and arches his eyebrows a couple of times, with sound effects?

Well, you had to be there. But it was cool.

When I think of Hawaii, I think of the above-referenced PuPu vignette, but also a Dennis the Menace cartoon book I had when a child; and Dennis and family are at Pearl Harbor on a boat, and Dennis is crying about how sad it all is, but says a bug got in his eye, and his Mom says to his Dad, something like, “but there aren’t any bugs out here at sea.” The drawings of the Arizona Memorial from that cartoon are what I visualize about Pearl Harbor.

So, I am just another kid going to Hawaii.

My Daddy can beat up yours.


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