For a second I thought I was Grant Morrison


Dark comedy about a group of media-savvy high school bitches that take over the campus television station and use it to detourn the monthly announcements, Channel One, pedagogical telenovelas, etc. in order to spread their subversive message of consumption consumption consumption and a bit of plastic surgery.

Eventually they burn down all four local broadcasting stations and lead a choreographed locust flashmob riot in the center of the mall, where Everything is Everything Off.

With a kickin’ soundtrack including K’s Choice, Whale, Pulp, Solar Twins, and Goldfrapp for the sexy parts.

“The Spectacle isn’t just for AV nerd socialist Art Fags anymore.”

Think of it as Sugar & Spice/Jawbreaker meets Airheads/Pump Up the Volume with some Bring It On group dancing, Lysistrata and a little Baader-Meinhof mixed in.


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