So scary.

So I was thinking of writing all about my day and whatnot and I realized I’m actually hallucinating now. Aurally and visually.

This helps to explain how it went from 1939h to 0218h while I was watching 7th Heaven and The Restaurant — both of which are, of course, an hour long. Is this part of the Medicines of Apokalips? No, really I just forgot to sleep since last Tuesday. More like wandering around and waking up on the floor. Sick enough that this seems normal.

I think that the medicines have brought the tonsil swelling down far enough that I won’t freak out one million times while sleeping and jerk myself back awake for the stupid reason of my throat closing itself for minutes at a time. “Get it together, you pussy.” I still can’t talk or I’d invite you to give me a call, because I’ve got to be highly entertaining right now.

Here’s the thing, though: I forgot to see Kill Bill Volume Two! I was too sick to worry about it! Shit! Now I wonder how sick I really must have been. It’s that chilling detail that makes it all real and scary.

I was too out of it to take care of myself. Legitimately, I was not compos mentis. I did not fulfill my fiduciary duty to my own ass.

If this week were an urban legend, which it kind of was, the Kill Bill detail would be the “Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light?”

Or the hook on the doorhandle.

Ugh. I was riding in Death’s own taxicab and I didn’t even know it.


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