A Morality Play.

Man 1: He says he’s over it.

Man 2: Doesn’t matter. I’m not over it. Her response to the “River” video made me feel like a stupid little kid.

Man 1: I know, I know.

Man 2: I thought we had the little swamp rat! I thought she’d lose her shit!

Man 1: Just wasn’t our time, man.

Man 2: And now with the fake lesbian kissing … she’s at the top of her game! She’s making us look like chumps.

Man 1: I think that was more symbolic. Like the Killing of the King, only with kissing.

Man 2: We need to do some shit like that. What equals Madonna?

Man 1: Michael Jackson.

Man 2: Great, so we’ll have them kiss at the Super Bowl.

Man 1: Do you hear yourself?

Man 2: You’re right. That’s too freaky.

Man 1: In sixteen ways that’s too freaky. I’m creeped out right now. And that’s not so much passing the torch as it is a regular day for Jackson. Making out with little boys.

Man 2: How about his sister?

Man 1: She’s not doing anything. You might be onto something. Plus, like, if her soul goes into him the way that Madonna’s went into Britney when they kissed …

Man 2: EXACTLY. It’ll be like passing the torch and making him the next Jackson …

Man 1: Plus, she’s black! Just like him!

Man 2: But maybe we should take it up a notch. Since I’m so angry at Britney for getting over our little schemes.

Man 1: Take it up a notch?

Man 2: Like they could fuck or something. That’s like kissing times a hundred.

Man 1: No, I don’t see that happening.

Man 2: Didn’t they date?

Man 1: Oh, dude. Get real.

Man 2: Okay, but I still feel like it needs something a bit more … could he pop her tit out?


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